Thursday, June 26, 2008

Watch autoload magic live

We all know that in development mode Rails auto loads most of the changes. However it would be nice if in the log you can see message like ‘Class Person is being loaded’. ‘Class Person is being unloaded’.

Well you can have that. Put this line of code at the bottom of your environment.rb file and you will be able to watch the magic.

# log all auto loading stuff in the log file
Dependencies.log_activity = true

The above code will produce following type of output.

Dependencies: called new_constants_in("Helpers", :Object)
Dependencies: New constants: PreferencesHelper
Dependencies: loading /Users/nkumar/scratch/xxxx/app/helpers/preferences_helper.rb defined PreferencesHelper
Dependencies: called require_or_load("/Users/nkumar/scratch/xxxxx/app/helpers/project_memberships_helper.rb", nil)
Dependencies: loading /Users/nkumar/scratch/xxxxx/app/helpers/project_memberships_helper
Dependencies: called load_file("/Users/nkumar/scratch/xxxxx/app/helpers/project_memberships_helper.rb",
["Helpers::ProjectMembershipsHelper", "ProjectMembershipsHelper"])

Dependencies: removing constant MilestonesHelper
Dependencies: removing constant OrganizationalMembershipsHelper
Dependencies: removing constant OrganizationsHelper
Dependencies: removing constant PeopleHelper
Dependencies: removing constant PreferencesHelper

Nice. Seeing is believing.

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