Monday, June 2, 2008

Express Your Music Mood with Muzicons Widgets

Social networking woes got you down? Why don’t you let the world know how frustrated you are by expressing your emotions through a music widget!

Muzicons is a new music sharing site where you can easily create a widget (or Muzicon) to host on your blog. The name, like to ‘emoticon,’ comes from the ability to use icons to show mood, emotions, and whatever it is you are thinking at the time.

Unlike some of the music widgets that exist such as eSnips, MxPlay, and Sonific, Muzicons is the only service that gives users the option of choosing an emoticon and a mood status. You can customize the look of your widget and place it in your Blogger, LiveJournal, Wordpress or MySpace.

Muzicons may seem ordinary, but they’re David against the Goliath that is the music industry. Since Muzicons was created in Russia, it will not have to adhere to the demands of the DMCA as we saw happen with Imeem when it was sued by Warner Music. Users are free to upload copyrighted music as they see fit.

In my opinion, Muzicons are simply the cutest music widgets I have ever seen.

Check out my Muzicon:

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