Friday, June 27, 2008

Bill Gates Retirement Party: The Best Bill Gates Parodies Ever

The Best Bill Gates Parodies Ever

So what does Bill Gates really have to show for his years of hard work? Sure he built a software empire, and yeah he has been known as the richest man alive. But those things aren't as cool as being immortalized on film and in song. Maybe. Either way, he's been cartooned, acted, clayed, and even sung about. So with Bill's retirement only days away, we thought it was only fitting we gave you a mash-up of all these green sweater, glasses wearin' characters.

If you didn't already guess which videos were used above, here's a list. There's The Simpsons, Celebrity Death Match, South Park, 2DTV, Freakazoid and of course Pirates of Silicon Valley.

What about the song you say? Well, it's by a group called, wait for it, Komputer. The song is titled, wait for it, "Bill Gates", and is the third track on their 1997 album The World of Tomorrow. If you can't seem to get the song out of your head, you can buy it on both iTunes and

At the end of this week Bill Gates will leave his post at Microsoft, but his various TV and film characters will live on forever. Since Ballmer will be taking over, we can only hope that he gets the same treatment, cause a crazy-ass cartoon character of that guy would be hilarious.

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