Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cosmo's 10 Naughtiest iPad Sex Tips [Multi-touch Experience]

Cosmo's 10 Naughtiest iPad Sex Tips [Multi-touch Experience]
Apple's iPad is supposed to save print media, and Cosmo is a magazine that's just begging to be presented in a vibrating format. Here are some sex tips you can expect to see in the digital pages of the magazine:
10) Play a racing game and crash your car into a tree. When the iPad starts to vibrate, rest his balls on it.
9) Lie naked on the bed with the iPad resting on your belly. When he comes home, tell him he can surf the web on you tonight.
8) How about some role playing? While wearing a black turtleneck and jeans, say you want to introduce him to a 'magical' new product... in your pants.
7) Write him an e-mail explaining exactly what you want to do to him tonight in 64-point font. Everyone on the train knowing how sexy his girlfriend is will get him even hotter!
6) Load a children's alphabet game and hold the iPad so he can see it during oral sex. Tell him to trace whatever letter pops on the screen.

5) Keep ice water on your nightstand. Dip your fingers in it, and flick it on his chest. Then tap the end of the iPad's power cord on his nipples for a sexy shock.

4) Sit facing your man while you're both holding your iPads and tell him to IM what he wants to do to you — no touching allowed. See how long he can resist!

3) Check out the latest issue of Cosmo on the iPad... without using your hands. Seeing you pinch and click with your breasts is sure to make something bigger.

2) Wrap your dirty thong around his iPad in the morning and leave it in his bag. He'll get a big surprise when he takes it out at work!
1) Try to stick it in his butt.

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