Monday, March 10, 2008

Buggiest Browser.

I mean, i'm pulling my hairs out for quite some years on Internet Explorer. Maybe that's why I'm bald! thanks a lot Microsoft. You've had 20 friggin years to build a standards compliant browser, and you failed. You suck Microsoft! Okay, while I have my mind cleared up now, I'd like to show you a website I follow for quite some time now. The website talks about browser bugs in MSIE7, and yeah that's a stunning 117 already. While I'm not creating webpages and smashing my keyboard out of sheer MSIE frustration I go chuckle on Microsoft. Sounds geeky, and believe me it is. It's geeky, but it's my only venting when it boils down on typing this stuff up on 4 AM figuring out why stuff doesn't work in MSIE 7 when it should.

I should really invoice Microsoft for those spent years of browser agony! here is some, a good example on how to crash MSIE. I forgot to mention that it needs a strict doctype to crash properly, ah well.

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